Kosher Certification

The chocolate kosher parve is certified without any animal-derived protein nor protein of milk. The reference kosher or still casher, guaranteed by OK, is also important for intolerant consumers at the lactose.
Simon & Oliveri chocolates are made in a craft way without any conservative (curator) and under the supervision of a rabbinical controller. It is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

We can find this name written in several forms: Cacher, Kasher, Kosher or Cachère. Depending on the region or country, spelling may vary as well as its pronunciation. The name Parve, or Parvé means that the product contains no product of animal origin. The Simon & Oliveri chocolates are ideal for people with lactose intolerance or strictly vegetarian.


Dairy Free

All Simon&Oliveri products are lactose-free and dairy-free.
They contain no milk nor any dairy protein